1. Life-changing for both of my boys

    I am inspired by the work the instructors do with the youth. Their passion and dedication to the karate sport is inspirational and has been life changing for both of my boys I have witnessed the instructors' love of karate and their desire to share with others.…Read More

    Dave R
  2. Karate helped me be successful in other areas of my life.

    Besides karate, the teachers also taught me respect, patience, perseverance an gave me encouragement. I learned honesty, gratitude, integrity and much more. These skills helped me be a better person and helped me achieve other goals. The teachers I have had at IBBA are good role models and have good personalities - they practice what they preach and help you understand what you are learning. They …Read More

    Landon B
  3. I have learned discipline and respect for others.

    Though self-control is not my strong suit, I have learned discipline and respect for others, and I have learned from my mistakes and other's. I love my instructors and love this school, and I love the skills I have learned over the years and that I have never had to use them. I like that this is a second home where everybody knows each other and is friendly.…Read More

    Travis R
  4. “This is future-changing. You need to be here.”

    I took my son in to try karate for a 10 class trial when he was 5 years old. I watched a couple classes and was impressed with the instructor. Then, probably on his third class, I got this overwhelming feeling that washed over me that seemed to say "this is important. Pay attention. You need to be here". It was a weird feeling, and I shook it off. Then on probably his fourth class I got that feel…Read More

    Charly B
  5. If it wasn’t for Mr B and the rest of the instructors…

    My bad temper and lack of patience has caused me to want to walk away from the Dojo a couple of times over the past few years and if wasn't for Mr B and the rest of the instructors at Kaizen, I most certainly would not have returned.  It ended up being a great ride and I am looking forward to training for 2nd degree after the extravaganza. Thanks for all your support, David…Read More

    David R
  6. IBBA has it down to a science

    The instructors clearly love the kids and love their jobs which was evident by their obvious rapport with students and parents, as I watch them greet each family upon arrival. A stellar balance between demanding respect and playful joking around sets the stage for expected good behavior in a completely non-threatening manner. From the time class begins til the time it ends, each child is expected …Read More

    Kelley S
  7. Your team is tremendously patient

    Thank you, Mr B! We appreciate your kind words in your email and postcards. Henry has enjoyed his classes and is looking forward to continuing with IBBA. I also want to say a big "thank you" to all of the instructors that have stepped in to guide him during classes over the past few sessions. He is a new learner to group-based activities and is still learning to follow instruction when asked the f…Read More

    Emily R
  8. Not only physical aspect but mental training

    I want to take this moment to praise Sensei Urton, especially. He has been such a pleasure to watch as a teacher. His enthusiasm in class, patience, interest in the kids, and demand for one step higher has never faltered in the years that we have been there. He speaks to them, not at them. As parents, we notice how he listens and helps them to understand not only the physical aspect but the mental…Read More

    S family
  9. Mr Urton is an outstanding instructor and role model

    We wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how impressed we are with Mr. Urton. Over the past two years, we have come to respect and admire him for the countless times we've witnessed him capitalize on a teachable moment, support both parents and studens with encouraging words, and thoughtfully control large classes with thorough, positive instruction and most of all - maintain a genuine si…Read More

    Justin & Dawn W.