1. Never give up

    I have learned quite a few things here. A few of them being never give up even when things are hard, stances are very important, disrespect has consequences, use your training only in a necessary situation, and it's not just the curriculum we learn that is important, but it's also our instructors and the people we train with.…Read More

    Grace H
  2. Training at Kaizen has helped my son confront bullies

    I don't know if there is a greater source I can shout this to, from the roof-tops, but I just want to say thank you SO much for the efforts your entire team has made during the past two months. Teaching from living rooms, driveways.....I can relate because I'm teaching real estate classes from home, but I don't have to kick in the air lol! Today, Sensei Urton acknowledged my son by name several ti…Read More

  3. Above and beyond

    The meeting today went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for encouraging my son to be heard, while still encouraging him to be held accountable for his concerns and the responsibility that goes with that. This is a true definition of differentiation in education. I respect both of you (Sensei Jauch and Sensei Bachenberg) as I would any educator. I want you to realize that. Students are n…Read More

    April K
  4. Online training comment

    You all are awesome. Thanks for all you have done to keep kids connected and motivated during this time! We appreciate you…Read More

    Annie via Facebook
  5. Other adults that care for our kids and invest in them is so important

    I could have written a whole page on what these past months have done for my son. It makes me exceedingly grateful to now have you, Sensei Jauch, and all of the other adults at the studio who are now a part of our lives. We don't have very much extended family so other adults that care for our kids and invest in them is so important to us. That day I walked in and met you, then everything that has…Read More

    Trina via Facebook
  6. Kaizen for the WIN!

    Kaizen for the WIN! PE credit - check. Engaged teenager - check. Motivated teenager - check. Confidence and integrity from students, instructors and parents - check. Through all this stay at home - Kaizen has kept it going strong through an entire cycle. Tonight our school’s teenage Vipers are testing for their new ranks via Zoom. ❤️…Read More

    Darcy via Facebook
  7. Kaizen IBBA is one of the most comprehensive and integrated schools you can attend.

    There are a lot of martial arts schools along the Front Range to choose from but Kaizen IBBA is one of the most comprehensive and integrated schools you can attend. They offer a variety of training from Kenpo to Jujitsu, FMA, and basic self defense. More than just their professional and well-trained instructors, they foster a caring family environment that welcomes and cares for all members of the…Read More

    Sarah via Facebook
  8. Kaizen has been such a dependable positive influence

    I'm so happy my kids have remained connected and active because of the nearly seamless way classes transitioned to online. My older son loves logging in early to see if anyone is there for a few minutes of socializing before class, and my younger son's classes have been keeping him challenged. Kaizen has been such a dependable positive influence, from the time they were little all the way through …Read More

    Charly via Facebook
  9. Parent Survey feedback

    "I am always amazed at the quality of instructors at all levels - you bring out the best in our kids." "You have been so wonderful. So developmentally appropriate. Great life-skill building opportunity with great instruction." "Son looks forward to every class. I truly believe he has taken what he's learned from this class and applied it to his daily life." "This has been a wonderful experience fo…Read More

  10. Kaizen’s values and practices have helped

    Kaizen IBBA has been a great experience for my 7-year-old son. He had been having some issues with his confidence, self-esteem, and ability to focus, and Kaizen's values and practices have helped him in all these areas. He likes it so much that he'll be starting Black Belt Club (unlimited classes and more specialized training) in 2020. The instructors and senseis are amazing with kids, and you can…Read More

    Lauren M