You have a wonderful member of your staff in Sensei Urton

Dave and I wanted to let you know how much we value Sensei Urton’s mentoring style. As parents, we’ve always felt comfortable with his approachability and professionalism. However, he is really adored by the students as well. Both Eliana and Owen have enjoyed being part of his classes – when they attended the in-person trainings at the dojo and now for this extended period of time via zoom. We know teaching/managing kiddos as young as Owen is hard via zoom but Sensei Urton is really fantastic at it. We were listening in to a class earlier this week and he was so positive to all the students, really encouraging and praising them. That meant so much to Owen, it was really obvious. So please know that you have a wonderful member of your staff, in Sensei Urton.

Also, it’s worth noting that Eliana also interacts a lot with Mr. Drew, Mrs. Jewell, and Mr. Chou. All three are also fantastic and very effectively use positive encouragement to get Eliana to do her best.