Why I joined and decided to stick around!

There were many reasons we got involved with martial arts at IBBA. My biggest intention was to give my daughter some confidence and make some new friends going into middle school, that turned out to be just the beginning.

There were many reasons I personally needed to be part of something like martial arts. The first that comes to mind is the mental break that it allows. During class it is always a relief to not have to focus on my job for a window of time. Things can get very stressful so having a time to focus on something else was a welcome relief. The second would have to be the physical aspect. Chronic pack problems have been an issue by whole adult life. Not only the frequent stretching but also the change in overall movement and posture have been a big change and relief of most of my pain. The time with family, new friends, and of course the self-defense have also had a big impact on why I joined and decided to stick around!

During the last five years at IBBA I have learned so many different things that have made an impact on my life….The breathing and posture that I have learned have made a big impact on my everyday life. I cannot leave out all the techniques that I have learned and continue to refine. Those have given me a larger understanding of self-defense concepts plus how and when to, and not to use them. I also learned a lot about myself, about my patience, and how to persevere. It’s easy to get comfortable living day-to-day lives and not challenge yourself which I had done for too long. What I ultimately kearned from IBBA is who I am as an individual, husband, father, and son.

Chris H