Excellent remote class

Sensei B makes such a concerted effort to speak directly to those of us on zoom, to engage us, not just with articulate instruction, but with his humor and positive attitude.  While we prefer being in person,  like all of us do,  Sensei B has a way of making us feel very much a part of class and that he sees us. As a frequent “zoomer” I cannot express my gratitude for that enough. His instruction is always clear and his help with directions is patient and respectful.  Also, I want to say that it’s the little things he does that make such difference when having to train on zoom. He ALWAYS welcomes zoomers, asking everyone how their week has been,  cracking jokes and being warm and welcoming! At the end of class he asks the in studio students to say goodbye to those on screen before they leave the mats. It’s a small but super impactful thing for him to do.
    I hope Sensei B realizes how appreciated he is for his ability to run an excellent remote class, but not just the techniques and forms and technical material.  He is pleasant,  kind, enthusiastic, and skilled at engaging distance students. He seems to fully understand that as part of IBBA, though training at home,  WE MISS OUR FRIENDS AND INSTRUCTORS! Getting in close to the camera,  showing his footwork, speaking loudly, making eye contact,  and  including us in his conversations with in-studio students, goes such a very long way in easing the sense of distance and disconnection.
S family