We have a great opportunity for students to kick off the new year with some focus and motivation for their martial arts! Satori Alliance and Kovar’s Systems Founder Dave Kovar is known worldwide as the Teacher of Teachers and we have invited him to provide virtual seminars for our students and teachers! An 8th degree Black Belt and still growing, he has dedicated his life to the martial arts, earning Black Belt ranks in 10 unique martial art styles. He has grown a phenomenal team of employees that serves students based in California with the primary focus being to make a difference in students through martial arts.

Register to join us on Zoom Saturday, January 16th for some incredible training! Cost is only $10 per session (includes the whole family)! There is no limit to attendees as we will all be joining from the safety of our homes.

1-1:45pm “Black Belt Drills and Skills” Special virtual seminar for Advanced Tigers through youth (ages 6-12 recommended). In this class, Hanshi Dave Kovar will emphasize martial arts attributes like speed, strength, timing and power. We will discuss the value of commitment, perseverance, and consistency. Parents are strongly encouraged to be present. RSVP HERE

2-3 pm “Martial Arts For Life” Virtual seminar with special guest instructor, Hanshi Dave Kovar for teens and Adults (ages 13+, Panthers may choose this option or both!) focused on unique self-defense drills designed for students of all skill levels. Review the value of long term martial arts training and how you can apply the principles of martial arts every day in the real world. RSVP HERE

STORM team members and instructors will also be provided their very own session to help them grow as leaders and teachers!