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Black Belt Academy

1833 E Harmony Rd Unit 5 Fort Collins, CO 80528


We Strive for Growth in All Areas

At Kaizen IBBA, we welcome diversity in skills, ideas, and backgrounds because we recognize that it is in diversity that we better learn to accept others and grow ourselves. We respect each person's journey and our mission is to partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

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The Three Pillars of Kaizen

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Hawaiian families understand how ohana – loving and caring for each other - is the glue that holds families together and becomes the social fabric for their islands; we feel the same for our school.

Ohana is much more than just extended family, it is an essential commitment to do everything we can to support our students and families.

We believe that martial arts is about more than the forms you practice. The aim of practicing an art is to better yourself and give back to those around you. We strive for growth in all areas of our lives.

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